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Permits & Applications






  • Contractor Water Purchase
    $10.00 per 1,000 gallons (Updated 07-10-17)


  • Copy/Fax Fee
    $1.00 per copy


  • Golf Cart Permit
    Cost: $10.00 To be renewed every three years (Updated 07-10-17)



  • Sanitary Permit
    Cost: $300


       Occupancy Inspection Requirements

  • Cost: $75 (includes initial inspection fee)
    Additional inspection required – $50/each



  • Highway Exit Ramp Sign Contract
    24″ x 36″ Sign Cost: $150.00
    8″ x 36″ Sign Cost: $50


  • Labor Charges
    Cost: $100/hour




  • NSF
    Cost: $35


  • Pavilion Request Application (Formerly Special Events Form)

       Cost: No Charge Plus any additional costs associated with the event



       Completed forms can be emailed to 


  • Peddlers Permit
    Cost: $5 each or $50 per year


  • Police Report Copies
    Cost: See Van Buren County Sherriff’s Department


  • Rental Property Registration Form
    Cost: $25/rental unit (one-time fee)


  • Rental Property Registration Policy
    Cost: $25/rental unit (one-time fee)


  • Rezoning Request
    Cost: $500 including public hearing costs

  • Signage Permit
    Cost: $25
    Sign Permit Page 1
    Sign Permit Page 2



  • Special Meeting Assessment
    Cost: $100
    Fee charged for a special meeting held by the request of a resident


  • Special Use Permit
    Cost: $250
    Form is available at the Village Office


  • Yard Sale Permit


       1st Yard Sale: No Charge
       2nd Yard Sale: No Charge
       3rd Yard Sale: $5.00
       4th Yard Sale: $7.50
       Limit 4 per year.


  • Zoning Variance Permit
    Application Cost: $300
    Zoning Book Cost: $1.00 per page

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