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Public Services

(Formerly DPW & Police)


The Public Services Committee was established January 2007 as a merger of the Department of Public Works Committee and the Police Committee. It’s purpose is to address, review, and research issues falling under the authority of The Village of Lawrence Public Works Department and the Village of Lawrence law enforcement and act as a liaison for citizens concerns in these areas and will facilitate any necessary recommendations to the Lawrence Village Council. Functions include: Contract review, infrastructure systems planning, equipment acquisition, sidewalk replacement, tree trimming, community health and safety concerns.


The Public Services Committee consists of:

  • David Quick (Village President)

  • John Gritter (Council Trustee & Chairperson)

  • Brian Johnson (Village DPW Supervisor)

  • David Deloach (Council Trustee)

  • Theresa Stroud (Village Manager – Ad Hoc)


Meets 1st Wednesday each month at 6 p.m. at the Village Hall.

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