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Community Development

The Lawrence Community Development Committee (LCDC) exists to recommend a plan to the Common Council of the Village of Lawrence for immediate and future actions to implement economic development strategies as stated in the Master Plan. Where appropriate, the LCDC will coordinate activities with Lawrence Township within the Michigan Main Street model as they relate to economic development at the immediate boundaries between the Village and Township.


The Lawrence Community Development Committee consists of four teams.


  1. Economic Restructuring (Business) Team (Amelia Barker-King, Chair) – Team Members: Phil Glennie, Tom Richardson, Annette Crandall, Mike Matheny, Ken Field, Gary Barton, and Theresa Stroud. OBJECTIVE: Consultants/Advisors to strengthen, expand, & diversify existing businesses. Recruit new business, as well to sharpen the competitiveness of all businesses respond to changes in today’s market.  Assist  to convert unused buildings into productive properties.   Meets quarterly at Quality Assured Plastics.

  2. Organization (Media) Team (Phil Glennie, Chair) – Team Members: Cindy Nower.  To Coordinate media communication, control central theme within all media channels (website, social media, newspaper).  Reaching out to all of the community’s stakeholders, getting everyone working toward a common goal and driving/recruiting a volunteer-based program.

  3. Promotions (Events) Team (Mary Muday, Chair) – Team Members: Kim Thompson, Jan Petersen, Phil Glennie.  Marketing our unique characteristics to residents, visitors, investors and business owners (i.e- Business Directory). Develop a positive, promotional strategy through advertising & retail activities (antiques in Park, Farmers Market), special events (Ox Roast, Halloween Trick or Treat, Chili Cookoff, Santa at the Town Hall,  Heritage Day).  Marketing campaigns (Lawrence Directory)  to encourage commercial activity and investment in the area.

  4. Design Team (Architecture) (No Chair) – Team Members: Gary Barton, Jeff Heaton, Anne Arthur, Jan Petersen,  Steve Petersen. Enhancing the downtown physical environment by capitalizing on its historical asset. Create an inviting atmosphere through attractive window displays, parking areas, building improvements, streetscapes and landscaping. Promote good maintenance practices in the commercial district, enhancing the physical appearance of the district by rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging appropriate new construction, developing sensitive design management systems and integrating long-term planning. Current projects to possibly assist: DDA Streetscape (light project), Garden Club planting projects. I-94 beautification, new signs (i.e.-Lagoon sign), art displays, fountains.


A preliminary chart of the teams displaying how they relate to Village Council and DDA can be viewed here.


The Community Development Committee consists of:

  • Phil Glennie, (Council Trustee)

  • Theresa Stroud (Village Manager – Ad Hoc)

  • Andrew Muday

  • Mary Muday

  • Vernon Crippen

  • Dolores Crippen

  • Kim Fearnow

  • Fern Conklin

  • Lucinda R Nower


  • Meets 1st Thursday, 6:00 pm of each month at the Village Hall. (see Meetings Notice for exact dates in case of schedule conflicts)


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