Notice of Public Hearing on Increasing Property Taxes

The Village Council of the LAWRENCE VILLAGE will hold a public hearing on a proposed increase of 0.1844 mills in the operating tax millage rate to be levied on property in 2018

The hearing will be held on July 10, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Lawrence Village Hall at 157 N. Paw Paw Street, Lawrence MI. 49064.

The date and location of the meeting to take action on the proposed additional millage will be announced at this public meeting.

If adopted, the proposed additional millage will increase operating revenues from

ad valorem property taxes 1.20% over such revenues generated by levies permitted

without holding a hearing. If the proposed additional millage rate is not approved, the

operating revenue will increase by 2.6% over the preceding year’s operating revenue.

The taxing unit publishing this notice, and identified below, has complete authority to establish the number of mills to be levied from within its authorized millage rate.

This notice is published by:


157 N. Paw Paw Street

PO Box 217

Lawrence MI. 49064






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