Lawrence Township Cemeteries

Family members, friends, and others with an interest in researching family histories can now access and view Lawrence Township’s burial records online and even locate the deceased’s grave on a map of the cemetery.  We are currently in the process of tying all our cemetery records to the map locations, so please be patient with us as we improve our site.


In the past, Lawrence Township’s cemetery records were limited to the amount of information available to the general public.  Now, cemetery staff and the public at large have the ability to locate burial information and even see the location of the grave on a map with a click of a mouse.


“It’s a tremendous time-saving resource not to mention ensures our cemetery records will be preserved for generations to come as they are no longer vulnerable to fire, flooding or theft,” Scott Earls, Cemetery Sexton explains.


Simply click on the Online Cemetery Search button above to access the online records.


Cemetery Operations

There are four Cemeteries in Lawrence Township:  Hill Cemetery, Military Veteran’s Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, and Prospect Cemetery.  The cemeteries are maintained by Sexton Scott Earls.


Contact info for the cemeteries:


Phone:  269 674-3723

Address:  205 N PAW PAW ST

PO Box 442

Lawrence, MI  49064


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