The Lawrence Administrative Committee exists to address personnel, finance, general code ordinance, and day to day administrative issues. It assists the Village Clerk and Treasurer when needed. When appropriate, the committee communicates with other village committees so actions pertaining to related subjects can be properly addressed. It makes recommendations to the Village Common Council when appropriate changes are realized for immediate and future needs.

Common issues addressed but not limited to include:

  • Annual Budget reviews including quarterly budget amendment recommendations
  • Review financial state of village funds
  • Perform Personnel Policy reviews
  • Perform General Code Ordinance reviews
  • Review Village policies and agreements
  • Perform Annual Audit reviews
  • Address public concerns relating to administrative issues

The Administrative Committee consists of:

  • David Quick  (Village President, Chairperson)
  • Dan Faulkner (Village Administrator)
  • Cindy Nower (Village Clerk)
  • Rick Weston (Council Trustee)
  • Kim Babcock (Village Administrative Assistant, Ad Hoc)
  • Janet Utter (Village Treasurer)

See Meetings Notice for exact dates in case of schedule conflicts.

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