As you know, Two Rivers Coalition (TRC) is hosting a series of paddles this summer to celebrate the opening of the Paw Paw River Water Trail. I wanted to let you know that we have set the schedule for the community paddle in Lawrence which will be Saturday morning July 28. We hope that representatives of local government such as the Lawrence Township board and the Lawrence village council will join us for this paddle.

We will meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Lawrence River Park on CR 215. We will unload boats and then stage vehicles 3 river miles downstream at the 54th Street bridge access. Because of the guardrails near the 54th St bridge, we will park cars on the edge of the road north of the bridge. We will try to launch by 10:00 a.m. and it should be a 1 1/2 to 2 hour float down to 54th Street. At normal water levels, we consider this to be a beginner level segment of the water trail. We have a contractor lined up to work on this stretch of river, most likely next week.

For people who don’t have their own boat, TRC does have a limited supply of loaner kayaks, paddles, and life jackets available, and I want to give first dibs on these loaner boats to members of the township board and village council. Please share this information with your board/council and have anyone interested in using a loaner boat contact me ( by Wednesday July 25. RSVP is required for the loaner boats, but not for folks bringing their own boats to the event.

After the paddle, we will try try to meet up at a local business for lunch/refreshments. Hope to see you on the river!

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