The Waste site for Village residents will be open October 1st through December 1 for clean brush and leaves. If you choose to burn your leaves make sure you follow the Village ordinance.

Sec. 12-24. – Leaf fires.

The burning of leaves shall be permitted along and adjacent to paved streets, alleys and sidewalks within the village provided that such fire shall not be less than five feet of the paved/travelled portion of said surfaces. Said fire shall be permitted further provided that it shall be constantly and regularly tended by a suitable responsible adult, and shall be maintained to a size which does not present or create a hazard of fire, spreading of fire, or emission of smoke which would obstruct visibility of the vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Any duly appointed enforcement officer of the village is hereby authorized to make discrimination whether or not said fire is or presents such a potential hazard.

(Comp. Ords. 1987, § 40.055)

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